Oldham Sixth Form College

As a non-selective institution, the College often accepts students that other local sixth forms turn down, giving them the opportunity to work and succeed alongside students with much higher levels of ability. Our student body currently consists of over 2300 full time 16-19 year olds, to whom we offer the widest choice of Advanced Level subjects in the area.

Our students have access to the Internet, the College VLE 'MyDay' and e-mail facilities. Interactive whiteboards are available in classrooms and laboratories and there are also twelve additional study areas and two Learning Support classrooms, all furnished with computers, where students can work in groups.

Our new Learning Resource Centre, The Know, opened in 2011 and is equipped with 92 personal computers (over 1100 are available for student use throughout the College) and one-to-one support from highly trained learning resource technicians.