Newham Sixth Form College

NewVIc offers a friendly, welcoming environment and outstanding support, for all its students. Our staff offer dedicated support to ensure students feel encouraged, inspired and able to achieve their personal goals. Over 700 NewVIc students' progress to courses at university each year, this is far above the average for sixth form colleges. NewVIc has seen an upward trend in the number of students securing places at the most competitive institutions including the Russell Group and 1994 Group of universities.

We want all students to enjoy their time at NewVIc and achieve the best they can and be part of a diverse and vibrant student population. The best thing about being at NewVIc is the vast range of opportunities that have been open to me. Not only are the facilities and study resources excellent, there is always so much to get involved in. Deepika Bangarh age 18, studying A-level mathematics, further mathematics, physics and computing.