Buckswood St George's College

Hastings is the premier Cinque Port and is home to the largest beach-launched fishing fleet in Europe, a magnificent Old Town and the first castle that William the Conqueror built in England. The town has also played host to the likes of Lewis Carroll, Charles Dickens and Catherine Cookson. Hastings is now a large seaside town offering all the amenities that students want; shops, restaurants, cinemas, theatres, nightspots, supermarkets and the usual seaside attractions.

Rye rises up from the flat marshland, a haunting reminder of things past. Its winding streets, full of medieval and Georgian buildings, dominated the dreams of writers Henry James and E.F.Benson. Rye is surely one of the prettiest towns in Britain. Both Rye and Hastings offer a wide selection of hotels and guest houses for parents and visitors to the school.