Barking & Dagenham College

At Barking & Dagenham College (BDC) and at the Technical Skills Academy in Barking Town Centre, you will benefit from the very best in education and skills training to make sure that you, or the young person in your family, are ready to take advantage of job opportunities. It means that we are committed to creating opportunities for you to develop entrepreneurial skills, as well as giving you the best technical education, to help you succeed in life and work. Being an entrepreneur doesn't always mean you want to set up your own business.

Many of our students do, but it may mean your success comes through being an entrepreneurial employee. Someone who is hardworking, has lots of ideas, resilient, confident is a good team player and so on. Whether you are looking for a beginner's course or a postgraduate degree, we welcome students of all age groups. Whether you want a job, a career, a trade or a profession, our courses will help you to reach your dream job.